Civil Engineering

Albany Pavement_DSC_1941.JPG

Pavement Rehabilitation Phase 2 Project,

Albany, CA

Evaluation and rehabilitation of 10 streets, including pavement, sidewalk, curbs, and gutters.

Services provided:

ADA Compliance

Civil Engineering Value Analysis

Pavement Assessment

Golf Club Road Roundabout

Designed "complete street" enhancements for a One Bay Area Grant (OBAG) project. Services provided:

Civil Engineering



Pavement Analysis/Rehab

Golf Club/Old Quarry Road Improvement Project, Pleasant Hill, CA

Parking Lot 9 LID project

Parking Lot 9 LID Project, Santa Cruz, CA

Designed 1,500 sq ft of bioretention areas (rain gardens) to treat runoff in a parking lot. Services provided:

Civil Engineering

Stormwater Management

Water Quality




Environmental Compliance

H Street Green St Constructed.jpg

H Street Green Street, Union City, CA

Ten blocks of low-impact, green infrastructure elements, including bioretention planters and permeable paving areas, along with sidewalk bulb-outs and street trees. Maximized stormwater treatment while minimizing loss of parking. Services provided:

Stormwater Treatment/LID


Geotechnical Investigation & ISA

Civil Engineering & Hydraulic/Hydrologic Analyses

SFOBB east span demolition

San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge East Span Demolition,

Bay Area, CA

Demolition of the old bridge structure, including removal of over 58,000 tons of steel and 245,000 tons of concrete. Services provided:

Environmental Compliance

Water Quality Studies

Water & Air Quality


Bio Project_Brookside.JPG

Brookside Drive Emergency Repair Project, Napa County, CA

High-flow storm events in Conn Creek caused heavy erosion of the Brookside Drive roadway embankment, displacing asphalt and road fill that resulted in scouring of the culvert. Project included repairing the roadway, constructing new retaining walls and headwalls, lining the existing culvert, installing new culverts, placing additional rock slope protection, and replacing invasive vegetation with native riparian plants. Services provided: 

Biological Resources Surveys & Study

Hydraulic Study


PS&E, Restoration Design

Environmental Permitting

Mitigation & Monitoring Plan

Construction Support & Monitoring

ESA Projects_San Mateo County Smart Corr

San Mateo County Smart Corridor Project –

Phase IV,

San Mateo County, CA

Installation of infrastructure for the Smart Corridor Northern Cities Intelligent Transportation System along I-380 and U.S. 101 between San Mateo County and San Francisco County. Services provided:

Natural Environment Study – Minimal Impacts 

ESA Projects_Kern River Bike Trail Exten

Kern River Bike Trail Extension Project, Enos Lane/SR 43,

Kern County, CA

6.4-mile long extension of the existing bike trail along the Kern River and SR 43/Enos Lane.  Services provided:

Geotechnical Engineering Study
Foundation Report
Location Hydraulic Study 
Drainage Impact Study 
Water Quality/Stormwater Management  

ESA Projects_Faith Home Road Garner Road

Faith Home Road/Garner Road Connection, Bridge over Tuolumne River, Stanislaus County, CA

1-mile roadway improvement and expressway connection project including three bridge crossings over a river, canal, and railroad. Services provided:

Drainage Impact Study Report
Preliminary Foundation Memorandum
Water Quality Assessment Report
Location Hydraulic Study
Bridge Design Hydraulic Study
Materials Report
Preliminary Geotechnical Report

ESA Projects_Bell Road.jpg

Bell Road at I-80 Roundabouts, Auburn, CA

Construction of roundabout-controlled intersections with I-80 for Caltrans and Placer County. Services provided:

Initial Site Assessment (ISA)
Project Site Investigation (PSI) - Aerially Deposited Lead (ADL) Study
Stormwater/Water Quality



Geotechnical Engineering


Santa Cruz County Storm Damage On-call Services, Santa Cruz County, CA

On-call geotechnical and hydrologic and hydraulic services for over 31 different sites. Damage sites included small slipouts, large landslides, collapsed culverts, and embankment erosion. Services provided:

Field Exploration/

Subsurface Investigation

Geotechnical Engineering & Repair Recommendations

Geotechnical & Foundation Reports

Drainage Design


Yankee Jims.JPG

Yankee Jims Road Bridge Replacement Project, Placer County, CA

HBP-funded construction of a new bridge and repair of a historical bridge over North Fork American River and improvements to Yankee Jims Road. WRECO is working as part of a Construction Manager/General Contractor (CM/GC) team to deliver this challenging project.

Services provided:

Geotechnical Exploration and In-situ Testing

Foundation Report

Floodplain Evaluation Report

Hydrologic, Hydraulic, and Sedimentation Study Report

Initial Site Assessment

Preliminary Site Investigation

Drainage Report

Conceptual SWPPP

Kewin Mill Road Post Construction Culvert

Photo courtesy of QEI

Kewin Mill Road at Five Mile Creek Culvert Replacement,

Tuolumne County, CA

FEMA-funded replacement of a failed, storm-damaged culvert and broken water main, and repair of undermined roadway. Services provided:

Fast-tracked Foundation Report

Foundation Excavation Evaluations

Hydrology and Hydraulic Assessment Memorandum

Construction Period Support

ESA Projects_24th Street Bridge over UPR

24th Street Bridge over Union Pacific Railroad (UPRR) Replacement Project, San Luis Obispo County, CA

Federal Highway Bridge Program-funded replacement of a structurally deficient/obsolete bridge structure over UPRR tracks. Services provided:

Geotechnical Investigation
Foundation Report


Water Resources


Caltrans District 4 Storm Damage Repair Projects,

Bay Area, CA

As part of our Hydraulics On-call Contract, WRECO has developed repair strategies for several sites damaged by winter storms in various counties of Caltrans District 4. 

Services provided:

Water Resources


Storm Damage/

Emergency Response

Flood Control Channel


Drainage Design

Utility & Flood Control

Channel Relocation Plans & Construction Support


Mission, Warren, Truck Rail Program,

Fremont, CA

Award-winning relocation of Southern Pacific and Union Pacific Railroad tracks, grade separation of Warren Avenue, and SR 262 underpass improvements. Services provided:


I-580 EB HOV Lane Project

2D Hydraulic Modeling


Value Analysis and CIP/Master Planning

Storm Drain Master Plan, Novato, CA

For the City of Novato, WRECO prepared the citywide Storm Drain Master Plan (SDMP), including performing 2D hydraulic modeling of the Novato Creek watershed and developing an extensive geo-database covering over 27 sq. mi. and 210 mi of storm drain pipes, channels, and drainage features. The SDMP included a detailed list of projects for implementation in the City’s Capital Improvement Program (CIP). Services provided: 

Flood Control Channel

On-call Water and Wastewater Engineering Services, Oakland, CA

WRECO is helping the Port of Oakland with program management, infrastructure planning, and system operations and maintenance (O&M) for their water distribution and sanitary sewer collection systems in conformance with all applicable laws and regulations. Current task orders include the design of a large sanitary sewer pump station serving the Oakland Airport Terminal building, a port-wide water distribution system verification and mapping update, and guidance for programmatic O&M of the Port’s water distribution systems. Services provided:  

Water Systems Design, Analysis, and Planning

Pump Station Analysis and Design