Supporting the Local Community and Staying Connected through the Pandemic

As we navigate the changing social landscape of the COVID-19 era, WRECO continuously updates our approach to keeping the team safe and connected. We host company-wide, remote team meetings and social activities to maintain our strong collaborative spirit, and this month President Han-Bin Liang treated employees and any spouses or partners working from home to take-out for informal, small-group remote lunch meetings. To support our broader community, employees were encouraged to order food from local small businesses that may be struggling during this difficult time.

Though physically scattered, WRECO is prioritizing keeping employees feeling professionally and socially connected. During these lunches, employees shared their personal successes and challenges during the pandemic, as well as general news and updates.

Dr. Liang shared, “It was great to see staff and have an opportunity for everyone to mingle outside of projects. At the end of the day, as long as everyone is healthy and happy, I'm good.”

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