State Route 132 Regional Improvements Project

Updated: Jul 6, 2020

State Route (SR) 132, near the City of Modesto, needed regional and inter-regional circulation improvements to relieve traffic congestion along Maze Boulevard and improve operations on one of the most important east-west routes in the Central Valley. This project adds approximately four miles of highway to SR 132 and includes construction of a four-lane freeway/expressway on a new alignment with multiple grade separations. For this project, WRECO was responsible for stormwater and pump station design.

“This project was conceived in 1956, and we are so excited that after 63 years, we are going to break ground on this important project for our region,” said City of Modesto Councilmember, Bill Zoslocki.

One challenging aspect of this project was the amount of grade separations at roadway crossings necessary to relieve traffic congestion. Each grade separation required storm drain flows to be pumped from their respective sags (low points in the roadway profile) to a gravity system conveyance. In order to reduce the capital as well as long term maintenance and operation costs, the drainage system was design to collect runoff and deliver stormwater to a single wet-well through more than 2,000 feet of culvert connections. WRECO evaluated the performance of the proposed storm drain system and refined the design parameters of the pump station to minimize capital and maintenance costs while meeting Caltrans’ standard design requirements.

WRECO developed the overall design to minimize the wet-well footprint and implemented this by controlling the operational logic of the pumps. WRECO incorporated the culvert storm drain lines into the wet-well design to help minimize the pump station footprint while still keeping the duty pump cycle times within necessary performance parameters. WRECO’s design of the pump controls and a three-tiered backup of level controllers and a supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) system improved not only the pump station hydraulics, but its reliability as well.

Project Location Map courtesy of Caltrans

Construction is ongoing and the Project is expected to be completed and in use by December 2020.

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