North San Mateo Drive Pedestrian and Bicycle Improvements Ready for Service!

WRECO is excited to share the construction of the City of San Mateo’s “complete streets” improvements along North San Mateo Drive from Baldwin Avenue to Peninsula Avenue. This project aims to provide additional safety for cyclists and pedestrians, in addition to maintaining designated parallel parking areas and incorporating bioretention areas for stormwater treatment, and installing landscaping and irrigation improvements.

WRECO managed and designed the project, which is consistent with the City’s Bicycle, Pedestrian and Sustainable Streets Master plans. Some of the project features include:

  • Implementation of a road diet that includes on-street parking

  • Adding approximately 1 mile of bicycle improvements (Class II bicycle lanes and Class III shared lanes)

  • Adding pedestrian countdown signal heads

  • Adding bulb-outs (corner curb extensions) to shorten pedestrian crossings

  • Reducing narrow outside travel lanes to reduce sideswipes

  • Adding a center turn lane

  • Adding stormwater treatment (bioretention areas) for sustainability

  • Adding areas for parallel parking

Complete streets is a nationwide effort to create streets that can accommodate all users, including pedestrians, bicyclists, cars, and mass transit. By emphasizing multi-modal transit, we can provide benefits such as reducing traffic, improving air quality, improving access, and encouraging active lifestyles. The “Sustainable Streets” program adds green infrastructure concepts to the complete streets program with features to improve stormwater quality.

"North San Mateo Drive was an excellent, well-delivered project. It was wonderful to see all the benefits once the project was complete." - Elton Yee, P.E., City of San Mateo

For more information on WRECO’s complete streets and green infrastructure/low-impact development projects, email or visit

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