WRECO's DIY Mini-Golf Tournament

The image of WRECO as a quiet, calm environment was put on hold as golfers putted along between the cubicles, aiming for a hole-in-one. WRECO's Walnut Creek office was converted into a miniature golf course for the day by staff and engineers.

After designing their courses, WRECO staff went around in teams and played 9 holes. Each team designed their course around a common theme, below are some examples.

Bridges over Water

Some engineers designed water hazards and bridges to get to their hole.

Environmentally Sensitive Areas

Our environmental group design a hole with environmentally sensitive areas that had to be avoided to get to the hole.

Under the Sea

A hole with an underwater theme was a huge hit, everyone wanted to make it to the treasure box.

Fall Harvest

The marketing team design an Autumn Harvest-themed hole complete with refreshments and snacks, which was a crowd favorite within the company.

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