Highway 1/Timber Gulch Culvert Replacement Project

The steel pipe at the culvert inlet under Highway 1 at Timber Gulch was damaged by large logs and other collected debris, threatening the safety of the highway embankment, as well as restricting flow. This condition caused the embankment to blow out during a peak flow event and cause dangerous flooding.

Caltrans District 4 replaced the existing 88-foot-long, 48-inch diameter pipe with a 108-inch diameter steel pipe by an innovative pipe-ramming technique. WRECO completed all of the principal design features of the project, assisted Caltrans in assembling the complete contract documents, and worked closely with the project team in coordinating expedited approval of the project's environmental permits, including a permit from the California Coastal Commission.

WRECO also recorded construction activities to produce a short film for Caltrans District 4, which was premiered at their Innovation Fair event in 2016. Feel free to watch the final product here.

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