WRECO Does Outreach for the H Street Green Street Improvement Project

The H Street Green Street Improvement Project between 4th Street and 12th Street in the City of Union City is a sustainable redevelopment project that will create low-impact, green infrastructure that mimics natural systems all while providing essential storm-drainage function. The tree-lined, pedestrian-friendly “green” street will contribute to the public’s overall quality of life while reducing water pollution and increasing groundwater recharge.

WRECO is responsible for designing sidewalk enhancements, landscape features, stormwater treatment facilities, and other infrastructure amenities for the streetscape. The project design includes intersection and mid-block improvements to capture, retain, and treat stormwater runoff and to enhance the pedestrian experience via visually appealing infrastructure.

The stormwater infrastructure will consist of a series of bioretention planters and permeable paving areas to provide improved drainage. Sidewalk bulb-outs, and an increase in trees, will create a greener, more pedestrian-friendly neighborhood. The sidewalk bulb outs also serve to shorten crosswalk lengths, which provides enhanced pedestrian safety and slows vehicular traffic.

In February and July 2015, WRECO coordinated with City of Union City to hold two public meetings about the Project. The purpose of these meetings was to provide the public with an overview of the proposed improvements and schedule, as well as to obtain public comments and suggestions. Attendees included residents, property owners, and other interested parties.

Additionally, WRECO developed educational programs appropriate for elementary, middle, and high school students to raise awareness for the program. WRECO provided outreach in May 2017 at the Tom Kitayama Elementary Science Fair and educated the community on the benefits of green infrastructure and design. WRECO also provided outreach through April and May 2017 at the Let’s Go Green Together! Earth Day community event in Fremont and the Earth Day Run for our Schools event in Union City to help City of Union City with public outreach for South Decoto Green Street Project.

WRECO will continue to look for opportunities to introduce green street projects and involve local communities and schools to better understand the importance of green infrastructure solutions.

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