WRECO Helps Restore Steelhead Trout to Lower Alameda Creek

One year ago, a pair of biologists spotted two Steelhead Trout in lower Alameda Creek - the first time the Endangered Species fish has been seen in the creek since 2008.

"This is significant. Steelhead have been missing from the lower Alameda Creek for half a century now, and we have been working for almost twenty years to restore them," said Jeff Miller, director of the Alameda Creek Alliance, in an interview with the East Bay Express. Ever since that spotting, efforts to restore the fish have ramped up and include rescue events such as the one WRECO's own biologist Jared Elia took part in last Wednesday at a BART-related Fremont weir just one-half mile north of the Fremont BART station. The event saw the rescue of four males and one female, and due to a Steelhead female's ability to lay ~8,000 eggs, was championed as a success. Video of the rescue event can be found here.

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