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WRECO Delivers Exceptional Design for Russian River December 2010

WRECO developed a longitudinal peaked stone toe protection design to shift the Russian River in Geyserville away from the west embankment near the State Route (SR) 128 bridge. The design was completed in early October 2010, and construction was completed in mid-October 2010. The west embankment of the Russian River had been undergoing significant impacts due to scour and erosion. The 15-foot vertical scarp that had developed was quickly failing and was posing a threat to the SR 128 bridge approach and neighboring vineyards. The California Department of Transportation District 4 tasked WRECO with developing the complete design package for construction in less than a month. WRECO also addressed the challenge of the environmental permitting agencies' requirement of a bioengineered design that limited disturbance to the scarp. The design incorporated rock vanes, toe planting and willow staking. Since construction of the project, the main channel of the Russian River has been successfully shifted away from the vulnerable scarp. WRECO will continue to monitor the project through 2012.

I-80 N. Texas Interchange Project Receives Award November 2010

WRECO was part of the winning Team for the Solano Transportation Authority's Project of the Year for 2010 for the Interstate 80 North Texas Interchange project. The project involved widening of the existing I-80/North Texas overcrossing, relocating and reconfiguring the I-80 eastbound ramps, and connecting Manuel Campos Parkway with I-80. WRECO supported Mark Thomas & Company and had a significant role in the project, performing hydromodification mitigation analysis and design, permit applications, storm water quality best management practice design, erosion control and drainage design. Construction of the project was successfully completed in fall 2010.

WRECO is Part of Team Chosen for BART Oakland Airport Connector Design-Build Project October 2010

WRECO is part of the Flatiron/Parsons Joint Venture Team that was selected to design and construct the Bay Area Rapid Transit District (BART) Oakland Airport Connector. WRECO will soon begin work on drainage, stormwater best management practice and utility relocation design. The project will include an Automated Guideway Transit system track connecting the BART Coliseum/Oakland Airport station with the Oakland International Airport via an elevated automated people mover system with cars designed by Dopplemayr Cable Car Company, would operate in an elevated guideway. The route would run mainly in the median of Hegenberger Road, where trains would leave every four to five minutes.

WRECO's Trains Future Qualified SWPPP Developers and Practitioners (QSD/QSP) October 2010

WRECO successfully held its first QSD/QSP training session on October 5-7, 2010 at the Hyatt Summerfield in Pleasant Hill. Led by our expert Trainer of Record, Debra Carey, CPESC, ToR, QSD, QSP, our honored guest speakers included Christine Boschen, M.S. of San Francisco Bay Regional Water Quality Control Board, Dragomir Bogdanic, M.S., P.E. of Caltrans District 4 Division of Construction, and WRECO's very own Analette Ochoa, P.E. Thank you to all of our presenters and students. We wish you the best of luck as future QSDs and QSPs!

WRECO is a Qualified Construction General Permit Trainer of Record August 2010

As a qualified Construction General Permit (CGP) Trainer of Record, WRECO is currently refining our Qualified SWPPP Developer/Qualified SWPPP Practitioner training course that will be offered beginning in early October 2010. Please see WRECO's QSD/QSP Training tab for more information or to join our mailing list. We are excited to begin training professionals to prepare for their QSD/QSP exams for compliance with this important new Construction General Permit.

WRECO Assists Caltrans with New NPDES Construction General Permit August 2010

WRECO is currently assisting Caltrans District 4 to transition their current construction contracts into compliance with the new National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System Construction General Permit (CGP). WRECO is doing this for projects such as the Caldecott Tunnel 4th Bore, Doyle Drive and Devil's Slide as part of the Caltrans District 4 Water Quality Studies and Technical On-call Services Contract. WRECO is providing risk assessments for each project, which include sediment and receiving water body risk factors. In order to comply with the new CGP requirements, WRECO is preparing construction change orders to address the necessary measures, i.e. additional monitoring, as appropriate.

Construction has begun on State Route 4 Widening Project July 2010

Ground has been broken on the State Route 4 Widening Project, which will increase SR 4 from four lanes to eight lanes between Loveridge Road and Somersville Road in the City of Pittsburg, CA. WRECO is working with URS Corporation to provide construction support and perform design work for the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans). WRECO worked on the PA/ED and design phases of the Storm Water Data Report and designed a water quality detention basin to treat approximately 12 acres of impervious area. WRECO also worked with Contra Costa Transportation Authority and Caltrans to secure the Clean Water Act Section 401 Water Quality Certification from the Regional Water Quality Control Board for this project.

Rheem Creek Restoration Project Nears Completion June 2010

Channel grading and lining and vegetation planting have been completed for the Rheem Creek restoration project in the City of San Pablo. This project is adjacent to the future Wanlass Park, which is currently under construction. A bridge over Rheem Creek will provide access to the park. Rheem Creek was a grouted riprap flood channel. The restored creek channel will have larger cross-sections with a floodplain terrace for a segment of the creek. Grading was performed to create a larger channel capacity, and erosion control fabric lining was placed to stabilize the banks until the vegetation grows. In areas of rapid flow, quarter-ton stone was placed. For this restoration project, WRECO performed hydrologic and hydraulic analyses and creek restoration construction plans. WRECO has also been providing construction support since construction began in fall 2009.

Palermo-Colgate-Rio Oso 230kV Transmission Line Project May 2010

In order to maintain service reliability, meet increasing electric load demands, and allow for the development of renewable resources in the Sacramento Valley, Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) is replacing the wires on its existing Palermo-Colgate-Rio Oso 230kV tower line. This project spans over 54 miles within the counties of Butte, Sutter and Yuba, passing through many different types of terrain such as foothills, farmland, grassland and wetlands. WRECO is working with Garcia and Associates to provide construction monitoring services for this project, most specifically to protect the Giant Garter Snake (GGS), a federally-threatened species that resides in wetlands, irrigation ditches and rice fields. WRECO staff are currently conducting construction inspections to identify snake species at the construction sites, which are then logged into daily reports. WRECO also participated in Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) inspections for this project.

WRECO Begins In-House Culvert Inspection Services April 2010

WRECO expands their capabilities with the addition of a remote-operated IBAK camera tractor (with MuniXS survey software) that has the ability to maneuver into culverts as small as 8"/200 mm. With this tool, WRECO now has the enhanced resources to inspect culverts and pipes that will provide live feeds for Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) evaluations. CCTV will allow WRECO to quickly respond to its clients' needs in addressing and assessing aging infrastructure. This in-house capacity to provide culvert inspections offers CCTV services to our clients, while reducing project cost by eliminating the need for third party inspection services. WRECO is currently putting this into practice as part of the Interstate 580 project near the City of Livermore, where WRECO is evaluating 35 culverts for the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans). First, video of each culvert is taken, checking the pipe's condition for gaps at the joints, structural failure, root intrusion, and other problems, as well as taking measurements. Then, WRECO evaluates the data and provides recommendations on suitable rehabilitation methods or replacement of the culverts. WRECO looks forward to serving its existing and future clients with this cutting edge technology, meeting all of their video inspection needs.

Sweet Ranch Mitigation Wetland Soon to be Constructed March 2010

Construction of the Sweet Ranch wetland in the City of Livermore is expected to begin before June of this year. This is one of the largest wetland creation projects that WRECO has worked on thus far, spanning 3.8 acres. One particular challenge was creating a wetland that would hold water in an area with soil known to contain sand. WRECO completed the preliminary design and preliminary construction Plans, Specifications, and Estimates (PS&E) for the project.

WRECO Awarded the Caltrans District 4 Hydraulics Design Services Contract January 2010

WRECO kicks off this exciting contract with Caltrans District 4 and continues to provide a wide variety of professional hydraulic engineering services throughout the District's nine counties in the San Francisco Bay Area.


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