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East-West Connector Project | Cities of Union City and Fremont, California

Rendering of the Project Site
Rendering of the Project Site
Alameda County Transportation Commission
Project Description:
The East-West Connector Project, sponsored by the Alameda County Transportation Commission (Alameda CTC) in cooperation with the cities of Fremont and Union City, is a 2.6-mile roadway alignment located in south Alameda County, California. The project will improve east-west access between Interstate 880 (I-880) on the west and Mission Boulevard (State Route 238) on the east, by constructing a new roadway segment, widening two existing roadways and making other improvements along the alignment.

WRECO assisted the Project Team with the Utility Study, Floodplain Study and Water Quality Study in the PA/ED Phase and is currently working on the final PS&E. In addition, WRECO is responsible for researching and collecting information on existing utilities in the project site. Due to the proposed project location, there will be the need for new utilities and some impacts to the existing utilities. WRECO is working on the utility relocation design and coordinating with utility companies and agencies.

Key Tasks:
PA/ED Phase: Utility Study, Floodplain Study, and Water Quality Study
PS&E Phase: Drainage Design, Flood Control Facility Design, Utility Design, and Coordination
Existing Utilities at Project Site
Existing Utilities at Project Site
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