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H Street Green Street Improvements Project | City of Union City, California

7th Street Rendering
City of Union City
Project Description:
The H Street Green Street Improvements Project will provide green street improvements for 10 blocks (approximately 1/2 mile) of H Street, which is a residential collector street located in the Decoto District of Union City. The project will include a system of low-impact green infrastructure elements. The stormwater infrastructure will consist of a series of stormwater bioretention planters and permeable paving areas to capture, retain, and treat stormwater runoff while providing improved drainage. Additionally, sidewalk bulb-outs and an increase in street trees will be provided to create a greener, more pedestrian-friendly neighborhood.

For this project, WRECO performed geotechnical field investigation, which included groundwater depth, soil sampling for horticultural analysis, hazardous waste testing, gradations, and infiltration. WRECO also conducted hydrologic and hydraulic analyses in preparation of a Drainage Report, and designed sidewalk enhancements, landscape features, stormwater treatment facilities, and other infrastructure amenities for the streetscape. Additionally, WRECO will perform post-construction monitoring.

WRECO also performed an Initial Site Assessment and completed nine borings to determine groundwater and retrieve soil samples. Chemical analysis was performed on the samples. This analysis showed arsenic exceeded ESLs at one location. This was determined to be an isolated hotspot. The soils for the project were determined to be classified as Class II "designated waste" and could be disposed of as landfill cover at a nearby landfill.

Key Tasks:
LID Design, Drainage Report, Geotechnical Investigation, Initial Site Assessment, and Post-construction Monitoring
Rendering near the Adult School
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