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Ford Elementary School Renovation Project | City of Richmond, California

Renovated School
Renovated School
West Contra Costa Unified School District
Project Description:
WRECO collaborated with Sally Swanson Architects, Inc. and other specialty design firms to work on this project, which was constructed in 2010. WRECO led the civil engineering design portion of the Ford Elementary School Renovation Project in 2007 and was responsible for the site demolition, site improvement, site grading, Best Management Practices (BMPs) design, erosion control, and utility engineering.

Ford Elementary School was originally built in 1949 and had outdated electrical and mechanical systems, aged buildings, and minimal ground cover. In order to improve and update these conditions, the school has being redesigned to meet the criteria of The Collaborative for High Performance Schools (CHPS). Through these renovations, the school now demonstrates exemplary sustainability features such as energy efficiency, rainwater harvesting, and regionally-sourced construction materials.

The Project Team designed areas for an eco-garden, biofiltration swales, a new soccer field and other stormwater treatment BMPs in order to reduce the impervious areas. The garden and outdoor amphitheater will contribute to the outdoor curriculum for the students. Planter boxes located in front of the new school building were designed to catch stormwater that falls from the roof. Landscape architects selected native plants that would need minimal irrigation, helping the school to conserve water. The new school building was designed with larger windows facing in a direction that provides optimum sunlight to classrooms.

WRECO's article, "Green Schools: High-Performance, Sustainable Design" in the June 2009 issue of Builder Architect Magazine can be found here.
Key Tasks:
Civil Engineering, Site Improvement and Demolition, Site Grading, Best Management Practices Design, Erosion Control and Utility Engineering
Biofiltration Swale
Biofiltration Swale
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