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Cherryland Community Center Project | Alameda County, California

Nearby Sidewalk
Nearby Sidewalk
Alameda County
Project Description:
The proposed Cherryland Community Center Project will construct a new community center on Hampton Street and reconstruct a nearby parking lot for the Meek Estate. The project includes design and modifications of ADA accessible paths, parking spaces, curb ramps, and other sidewalk improvements. The project will implement low-impact development (LID) stormwater treatment best management practices (BMPs) to address the stormwater requirements. The proposed BMPs include bioretention areas, flow-through planters, and permeable pavers. The BMPs were designed and sized based on the the Alameda Countywide Clean Water Program (ACCWP) C.3 Stormwater Technical Guidance. The project is expected to achieve LEED Silver certification at a minimum.

WRECO serves as the civil engineer on the design team and is responsible for the design and PS&E preparation of the site layout, grading, drainage, utilities, and the stormwater treatment BMPs. WRECO will also provide bidding and construction support to Alameda County and prepare the as-built drawings.
Key Tasks:
Site Layout, Grading, Drainage, Utilities, and Stormwater Treatment BMPs Design
Existing Project Site
Existing Project Site
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